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1194985598254428023arrow-right-red_benji_pa_01.svg.hiSpecial Report: Summary of the 2015 Worldwide Hurricane Season Unknown


Weather Goddess is officially online and just in time for the peak of Hurricane Season. This website is dedicated to meteorological and other natural hazard news around the world. I am your host, Athena Masson, also known as the Weather Goddess. I follow severe weather as it is happening and conduct my own forecasts using various models.

Please check out “The Blog” page as this is where I post developing stories that are happening around the world. Please feel free to leave comments and have some fun discussions with other meteorological professionals and enthusiasts. However, please be respectful.

It is currently Hurricane Season, my favorite time of the year. Most of my attention will be focused on the tropical regions of the world and forecasting where hurricanes/cyclones/typhoons are going and the possibility of strengthening.

Thank you for stopping by my website and please enjoy yourself. Get your daily dose of science! :)


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