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7 hours ago
It’s never Sept. that keeps me on edge, it’s always Oct. Very far off to make any reliable conclusions but this is an area where #hurricane activity becomes favourable. Land interaction will be the best bet to weaken anything in this region. 30% chance of development so far. #wx Wx_Goddess photo
2 days ago
Well check that out. A #Hurricane Force Wind Warning for the Northern Gulf of #Alaska. Seas could be up to 27 feet! A deepening low pressure in the Gulf will approach the coast late Saturday. The low is expected to rapidly intensify Sunday, with peak winds approaching 75mph. #wx Wx_Goddess photo
2 days ago
Today, parts of the southern United States will experience the “Equilux”, where sunrise and sunset are near 12hrs apart giving an equal amount of day and night. The #Equilux usually takes place a few days after the #Autumn #equinox. Get ready for earlier sunsets. #wx #astronomy Wx_Goddess photo
3 days ago
Jamie Arnold WMBF @jamiearnoldWMBF
WHOA. Close up view of today's tornado in Myrtle Beach. Taken at 74th Ave. North. From David Martin. #SCwx
3 days ago
Look at that beautiful sight 👀 Now no one breathe or move for the next couple of months. We don’t need a butterfly effect to trigger anything. #wx #hurricane Wx_Goddess photo
5 days ago
Analyzing the 2020 #Hurricane Season tomorrow with Climate Central. We have a great team of experts ready to discuss this wild season! Register if you are interested. #wx

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