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5 days ago
A powerful #Atlantic system has been classified as a #bombcyclone this morning after the pressure dropped 46 mb in 24 hours. Further strengthening may put it in the running for being one of the most intense North Atlantic storms on record. #wx
2 weeks ago
#Antarctica experienced its hottest day on record Thursday. Scientists reported at Argentina's Esperanza research station a temperature of 18.3 degrees Celsius (65F).
2 weeks ago
#SevereWeather threat is high across the southeast United States. #Tornado watches stretching from the #Florida Panhandle up to Virginia. This line will continue to move eastward this evening and overnight tonight. Keep those emergency #weather radios close by. #beprepared Wx_Goddess photo
2 weeks ago
These strong storms will continue eastward tonight and tomorrow. This warm weather along the Florida east coast is a sign of what is to come. Keep your eye to the sky. #flwx #florida #storms #wx
Wx_Goddess photo
Florida Storms @FloridaStorms
Strong storm alert: T-storms are already firing over the gulf and are approaching the #Pensacola area. 40 mph wind gusts and small hail are possible as these storms move ashore. #FLwx
2 weeks ago
Happy national weatherpersons day to all my fellow meteorologists ❤️ #wx #nationalday #meteorologist
2 weeks ago
A magnitude 5 #earthquake struck #PuertoRico Tuesday. According to the USGS it was the 11th earthquake of at least that size in the past 30 days.

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