Television/Radio Interviews

April, 2018: Storm Expert on the documentary TV series “The Weather Files”

Hurricane Michael – October 9, 2018

Hurricane Maria – September 20, 2017

Hurricane Irma – September 6, 2017

Opening to the 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season on CTV News.

Hurricane Matthew – October 6, 2017

  • CTV News
    • Click third video on right side under “CTV News Channel: it’s been really chaotic”

Hurricane Discussions

News Articles

  • Global News – “‘Ignore the Category’: Hurricane Florence threatens to kill with water, not wind.” (Sept. 13, 2018) click here
  • The World News – “Hurricane Florence: Everything you need to know about the ‘monster’ storm.” (Sept. 13, 2018) click here
  • Canada Live News – “Monster” Hurricane Florence aims to drench Carolinas. (Sept. 13, 2018) click here
  • Global News – “The anatomy of a hurricane – how massive storms are formed” (Sept. 12, 2018) click here
  • Newshub – “Hurricane Florence could be category 5 before landfall” (Sept. 12, 2018) click here
  • Global News – “Hurricane Florence’s ‘life-threatening storm surge’ has experts on edge. (Sept. 12, 2018) click here
  • Global News – “Hurricane Florence could soon morph into Category 5 storm – but what about Category 6?” (Sept. 11, 2018) click here
  • Ryerson Review of Journalism- “Why Canadian News Organizations Lack Focus On Global Disaster Coverage” (2018) click here
  • Global News – “How did Hurricane Irma get to be a ‘monster’ storm and will it happen again?” (2017) click here
  • Is climate change driving this year’s intense hurricane season? (2017) click here
  • U of T hurricane expert on monster-sized Irma (2017) click here 
  • U of T experts on Tropical Storm Harvey, pounding Texas and Louisiana (2017) click here
  • CBC News – Quirks & Quarks BlogSparkPhoto Galleries Hurricane Irma: What’s in a wind record? (2017) click here
  • These are all the hurricanes that hit Canada since 1900 (2017) click here
  • Humber News – Hurricane seasons set 30-year records (2014) click here 


  • Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society – Conference Notebook “Determining Hurricane Size Identifies Risks and Better Prepares the Public” July 2017 Edition.
  • “It’s Personal, Size Matters: How Determining the Size of a Hurricane can Better Prepare the Public and Determine the Risks Associated with a Storm. American Meteorological Society 97th Conference. (2016) – click here
  • “The Extratropical Transition of Hurricane Igor and the Impacts on Newfoundland”; Journal of Natural Hazards (2014);
  • “Extratropical Transitions in Atlantic Canada: Impacts and Adaptive Responses” ; European Geosciences Union (2013);
  • “Extratropical Transitions in the North Atlantic with Special Reference to Hurricane Igor”; Memorial University of Newfoundland. Master’s of Science Thesis.
  • “Aviation and the Atmosphere”; Florida Institute of Technology Journal (2010). Print Version.

Recorded Conference Speeches: 

  • American Meteorological Society. 43rd Conference on Broadcast Meteorology; and the Third Conference on Weather Warnings and Communication. June 12, 2015.

  • American Meteorological Society. Seattle, Washington. January 22 – 26, 2017. Meteorologist Athena Masson (Weather Goddess) presenting: “Size Matters. Determining the Size of Hurricanes to Build a Better Weather-Ready Nation.”

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